How can StaffTAP save money for my restaurant?
How can StaffTAP give my managers more time to manage?
Will my employees really use StaffTAP?
Can I send messages to just Front of House or Back of House staff?
Can I send an individual employee a message?
I want my staff to be more involved. Can StaffTAP help?
I need to cut down on overtime. Can StaffTAP help?
Can employees handle their own shift change requests?
Does StaffTAP safeguard my corporate information?
Can my StaffTAP records get lost?
Is it easy to add and delete staff members on StaffTAP?
How easy is it to get started on StaffTAP?
I don't need all of StaffTAP's features. Can I buy only certain parts?
We're a small, family restaurant. Will StaffTAP cost me an arm and a leg?
We only have one computer and it's in the office. How can we make StaffTAP work here?
Does everyone need smartphones to use StaffTAP?
We are a large restaurant chain with several formats and hundreds of employees. How do we get started with StaffTAP?
My employee headcount goes up and down depending on the time of year. Can we still use StaffTAP?
Do we need to buy hardware to use StaffTAP?


I manage 25 people per shift. How will StaffTAP help me?
Will our employees like StaffTAP?
Can I send messages to just Front of House or Back of House staff?
Can I send a message to an individual employee?
I need to track overtime to keep payroll costs under control. Can StaffTAP help?
Shift change requests take too much of my time. Can StaffTAP help?
If I hire someone who has the StaffTAP App, can they use it at my location?
How easy is it to add or delete employees on StaffTAP?
How fast can I learn StaffTAP?
How do our employees access StaffTAP?

Staff Members

How do I get the StaffTAP App?
I don't have a smartphone. Can I still use StaffTAP?
Is my personal information safe on StaffTAP?
I work at two different restaurants. Can I use StaffTAP in both places?
Can I request a day off on StaffTAP?
My school schedule has changed. How do I update my work availability in StaffTAP?
How can I see my work schedule without driving to the restaurant?
How can I give away or trade a shift that I don't want to work?
I'd like to make some extra money. How can I volunteer to work more shifts?