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Put Three Generations of Restaurant Experience to Work for You

Joe Florentine and his family have been in the restaurant and hospitality industry for 3 generations. The family currently owns and operates a number of highly successful restaurants in Southern California. Like you, Joe is always on the go – managing one restaurant to another. He needed a mobile technology to manage his restaurants more efficiently so he formed a software development company called ISM Alliance. Joe assembled an international team of talented software developers and set out to build the most powerful and efficient mobile restaurant management application on the market. StaffTAP is Joe's mobile application and he is using it daily in his restaurants. Delivering results beyond mere scheduling programs, Joe is observing that the teamwork and cooperation within his workforce and management teams is improving. The feeling of trust and empowerment is having such a wonderful impact even the customers are making positive comments about their experience! From ease of use to speed of setup, StaffTAP is the only restaurant management App built from the ground up to be mobile and include the full range of features that restaurant professionals want.

Meet the StaffTAP Team
StaffTAP was developed by an international team of veteran restaurateurs, management specialists, interface designers and programmers led by Joe Florentine.

Joseph "Joe" Florentine, Founder & President

Joe Florentine is a third generation restaurateur and is the founder of the StaffTAP staff management system. For 30 years, Joe has managed food service from the ground on up. “People”, Joe says, “are the most important ingredient in the food service business”. So with the help of key management and other food service experts, Joe put together a very thoughtful and strategic team of software engineers and programmers to create one of the restaurant industry's finest staff management solutions – StaffTAP.

Key Team Stakeholders include:

TEKYZ - Primary IT Development Firm

Tekyz is an Arizona based IT development firm with over 25 years of state-of-the art programming experience. They played a key role in the creation of StaffTAP and assisted with key architectural contributions that resulted in the user friendly approach that customers enjoy.

Kim Gourley, Chief Technology Officer

Kim Gourley has over 30 years' experience in Information Systems with an extensive background with Enterprise Development, Technical Architectures, Object Orientated and CASE technologies, client server, N-tier and Web solutions. In addition to successfully spearheading a number of start-ups, Mr. Gourley has also provided project management, technical architecture, analyst and design expertise for companies such as American Express, Motorola and American Airlines. In March of 1999, Mr. Gourley's corporation dedicated itself to the development of Web applications for electronic cash, restaurant scheduling, marketing, and content and gaming systems. Mr. Gourley has worked on all phases of development with the StaffTAP application including and not limited to browser side and cloud based development. His strong analytical, technical, business and leadership skills have kept the development of StaffTAP moving forward at a very efficient rate. His business knowledge includes a background in restaurants, financial, utilities, accounting, manufacturing, and merchant banking, shopping carts, Social Networking, Social Gaming and marketing applications. Mr. Gourley's skills are especially suited for this engagement because of his extensive experience working on web based applications and web services in both Java and .NET environment.

Kedar Potnis, Senior Engineer and Architect for all Mobile Applications

Brianna oversees the marketing and communication activity for StaffTAP brand. Originally from Southern California with an agency background, Brianna has seven years of experience in digital, traditional and event marketing, brand development and business growth.

Brianna Donath, Director of Marketing

Brianna oversees the marketing and communication activity for StaffTAP brand. Originally from Southern California with an agency background, Brianna has seven years of experience in digital, traditional and event marketing, brand development and business growth.

Lynn Nissen, Director of Systems Design and Training

With a background in restaurants and human resources, Lynn provides the company with the perfect combination of experience. Her extensive work history with business systems development and training that spans over a decade makes her a key part of StaffTAP's success. Through much of the development phase, Lynn worked daily with the technical teams to ensure that StaffTAP worked the way it was designed to, and, remains easy for our customers to use. Lynn's primary role with the company now is to provide assistance to our customer support team and ensure our clients understand the system while maximizing the opportunity it provides.

Cornerstone Communications

Cornerstone Communications provides inspired businesses an honest, innovative approach to public relations. Offering the perfect marriage of media and PR savvy, the Cornerstone team is composed of both award-winning, veteran journalists from major media outlets and seasoned public relations and corporate communications executives with a proven record of effective communications campaigns and top-tier media placements.