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Your Restaurant

Staff Management Just Got Simpler, Smarter, Faster


Restaurant Operations Anytime, Anywhere

Communicate with your
 team seamlessly

Get the tools you need to manage, schedule, and communicate with your staff

  • Manage Employee Schedules
  • Send and Receive 'Must See' Messages & Text Message Notifications
  • Create Logs – Report on Key Daily Activities to Keep Your
    Management Team Synchronized
  • Easily Send and Organize Documents
  • Creates smarter schedules that prevent schedule conflicts
  • Staff members have the tools they need to give away or trade their shifts at their fingertips
  • Managers won’t see a shift change request until someone has offered to work it
  • Once a shift change request is approved, the schedule is updated automatically
  • Integrate StaffTAP with your POS for a more powerful solution
  • Send and Receive Messages Any Time, Anywhere
  • Reach your entire organization in just a few taps
  • Optional Text Alert
  • Make Sure Time Sensitive Information Reaches Your Staff
  • Immediately Notifies Your Team With a Push Notification
  • See Who Has Read Your Message and Who Has Not
  • Up to Date Information Whenever It’s Needed
  • Upload Files to Job Appropriate Folders
  • Download Documents Right from the App
  • Report on Key Daily Activities
  • Include Customer Feedback, Productivity, Personnel Issues, Maintenance Issues and more
  • Keep the Entire Management Team Informed
  • Access Logs Any Time, Anywhere
  • Empower staff to share suggestions immediately
  • Capture ideas with just a few taps
  • Manage activities that happen repeatedly, and require extra attention
  • Assign key tasks to your staff members or outside vendors
  • Automatic notifications and reminders, status updates and search features
  • Schedule, manage, and track the status of any task from a computer at any time
  • View the whole organization at a glance
  • Includes key metrics and Return on Investment
  • Color chart shows how effectively your employees are using StaffTAP
  • Compare performance between locations and encourage collaboration

More Features

Quick and Easy Setup
Track Key Metrics and ROI
Free Customer Support

Staff View

  • Staff can review and manage their work shifts anytime – anywhere
  • Staff can request days off, or give away and trade shifts, right from the app
  • Managers stay in the loop automatically and everyone stays connected
  • Messages are always spam free
  • Messages to trade shifts, and pick up shifts display in the Messages Inbox
  • Accepting a request is quick and easy
  • When a request is approved or denied, the schedule is updated automatically
  • As a manager, you have the option to send a Mandatory Message
  • StaffTAP immediately alerts your staff with a push notification
  • Staff sees your message just moments after you send it
  • You know that they’ve read your message
  • Every staff member can access procedures, checklists, and more, in real time
  • Copies never get lost, and up to date documents are always available
  • Share ideas with management immediately
  • Capture ideas with just a few taps

What others are saying

"What was once a time consuming nightmare, is now a major time saver. The Mandatory Message feature is the most impactful and efficient way to reach our entire organization with important information. It's a great system."

Terry Hadad, General Manager 17th Street Bar & Grill, Tustin CA

"Now I can schedule all three of our locations in about 10 to 15 minutes where before, it took the better part of an hour and a half. StaffTAP is great for our staff too! I would certainly recommend StaffTAP to any restaurant organization."

Tony Frausto, General Manager of Operations Intimate Inns Restaurants, Fullerton CA

"I really appreciate the time and money savings StaffTAP brings to our organization. Whether making schedules or sending documents, StaffTAP is simple to use. Our staff love it, too!"

Cesar Rodriquez, Manager Zito's Pizza, Orange CA